October 20, 2023

The Biggest SEO Mistake Most Wineries Are Making


It’s no secret that Google Business is a powerful tool for any consumer-facing business, and wineries are no different. A free tool that allows you to tell Google everything it could ever need to know about your business so that it can show you as often as possible in search results? It’s a no-brainer!

So…why are most wineries not using it to its full potential?

Essential Components of a Google Business Listing for Wineries

Quick note: We’re going to assume throughout this post that you’ve already claimed your Google Business listing and have filled it out with basic data. If you haven’t claimed your listing, check out this support article from Google.

Leveraging your Google Business listing to its full potential can boost your SEO, help you engage with your audience, and ensure the most timely and accurate information is readily available to potential visitors at all times.


Your Google Business profile starts with selecting the right categories that represent your winery accurately. Whether it’s a tasting room, wine bar, winery, or vineyard, these categories provide potential customers with a clear understanding of what to expect when they visit and help you show up in relevant searches.


Services associated with your chosen categories are a fundamental aspect of your profile. Take advantage of additional services like live music, custom tours, and more to provide a comprehensive overview of the unique experiences your winery offers.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure your full selection of wines are available as products, but don’t forget to showcase food options, tours, and tasting packages so that users can get a comprehensive view of what they can enjoy when they visit.

Reservations & Online Ordering

Google Business integrates with many third-party systems for reservations and online ordering, simplifying the user experience and making it convenient for users to take meaningful action right from the Google search results page.


If you host events, such as release parties or live music at your winery, you can and should add that to your Google Business listing so that it can show up when people are searching for nearby events. If your website uses an event calendar, it might even sync automatically!

Photos & Videos

One of the most important parts of any winery’s Google Business listing is the visuals. Visitors look at photos to get a feel for what they will experience when they visit. Can they expect stunning views? A cozy, romantic atmosphere? Having quality photos and videos on your profile is your opportunity to provide a virtual tour of your winery.


While we’d consider this part of the “basic info” of your Google Business profile, we’ve mentioned it here because it’s essential to keep your business hours updated. This includes in case of inclement weather, temporary closure, or holiday hours. There have been rumors that Google has been experimenting with having business hours affect SEO—we know, it’s a scary thought.


We know, we know, you don’t control the reviews you get. But you can respond to them! Whether it’s a compliment or constructive feedback, responding shows that you value your customers’ opinions and care about their experiences.


Did you know that any user can submit a change to your Google Business profile? Did you know that Google itself can change your Google Business profile?! It’s true. That’s why it’s important to log in regularly to make sure your business information is accurate and up-to-date.

Google Business Changes Constantly

Google Business is a dynamic platform that, when utilized to its full potential, can significantly enhance your winery’s SEO and its online presence overall. However, it changes constantly, so it’s important to log in regularly to make sure your business information is accurate and that you’re taking advantage of the latest features. Stay proactive and stay engaged, and let your Google Business profile put in some work for you.

If you need help maximizing your business’s Google Business profile or gathering photo or video assets, our team would love to help.

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