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Winery Videos
Relevant, High-Quality Videos Encourage Wine Lovers to Interact with Your Winery

People Love Promotional Videos

When it comes to marketing wineries, video is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. The statistics show that videos exponentially increase customer interest and engagement. Simply put, people love videos and the experience they provide.

From vineyard and production facility videos to winery and wine-event videos, our video production and marketing teams have the technical savvy and knack for a strategy that tells a compelling story of the growth of your winery.

Videos Are a Great Marketing Tool!

In addition to being a great way to share your story, videos help keep visitors on your site longer, increase user engagement, improve conversion actions on websites, encourage people to visit your winery, and so much more! They educate, entertain, and provide a form of escape.

Videos are one of your most powerful marketing assets and can be used across your social media platforms to increase brand awareness, connect with wine lovers wherever they may be, and improve how you rank in search results. Now that's what we call a stellar return on investment!

Video Production & Marketing Strategy

To have great video, you need a solid strategy. Our video production team sits down with you to formulate your video strategy, including topics, locations, key messaging, and how you're going to incorporate videos marketing into your existing digital marketing plan. 

Long & Short Video Production

Some stories can be told with a single video. Other times, you may want a collection of short videos to keep viewers engaged and coming back to learn more. We'll flush this out during our strategy meeting and create a video, or video collection to help you reach your goals. 

Superior Video Production Services

We deliver high-quality, commercial ready videos that can easily be uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms—by us or by you. Not sure how to make the most of your video assets? Our video marketing experts can help.

Using Video in Digital Marketing

YouTube Videos

You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. That means that hosting meaningful, engaging videos on YouTube helps position your winery as a leader in the industry and gains you a competitive advantage in the search results. 

Website Videos

You're proud of your winery and want to share your passion. By showcasing your vineyards, production facility, and winery with custom videos embedded on your web pages, you're providing wine lovers with valuable information about your winery, events, and location, so they can connect on a personal level. 

Client Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to show your value to consumers. Taking the opportunity to talk with enthusiastic wine connoisseurs and letting them share their own story resonates with other wine lovers, and they do all the selling for you! 

Email Marketing

Promote new selections and events with personalized video messaging sent right to the inbox of those most anxious to hear from you. Triggers allow us to send automated correspondence, allowing you to stay connected and engaged without lifting a finger.

Facebook Cover Page

Make your Facebook cover page more engaging with short video clips. This highly visible real estate can be used to showcase new and popular releases, people participating in your events, products you have available for sale, and more!

Online Advertising

Digital ads with video consistently outperform those with just text and images. Why? Because they are engaging and communicate so many different components of your winery's message in a way that viewers love. 

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