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Link-Building to Improve Search Results Quality Links from Reputable Sites that Help You get Found Online

Tell Search Engines You Matter

Do a quick search for "wineries near me." More than likely, it will come back with a number of online directories among the top search results. 

You might be surprised to learn that having your website listed in online directories is important for helping people find you. These listings help improve your ranking in search results, but only if they are consistent. Having multiple variations of your name, address, and/or phone number online is confusing for search engines and can hurt your results.

Boost Organic Search Results

By creating quality and consistent listings with links back to your site, you establish yourself as a prominent authority in your industry and boost your organic search rankings.

Why Link Building is Important

Link building, or links to your website from other sites, is tedious and time-consuming, and it probably doesn't feel like a very high priority item.
But the truth is that link building and citation management are two of the best adjuncts to a marketing plan a winery can have.

Citations Cleanup

We will find where your winery is listed and correct the citations as needed, making the name, address, and phone numbers consistent.  

Backlink Building

We will look for additional relevant opportunities (like industry-specific directories) to add your winery with a link back to your website. 

Competitor Research

To keep up with your competition, we monitor their position and backlinks to look for additional opportunities for you to be found online. 

Citation Source Logos

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