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Marketing Audit
The First Step to Knowing how well Your Website is Performing

Identifying Digital Opportunities

The way that consumers find wineries has evolved over the years with many wineries being left behind with the shift into the digital age. Traditional marketing methods and word-of-mouth aren’t enough in this day where new wineries are opening rampantly. With over 900 wineries in Washington state alone, how do you stand out?

Digital marketing and your online presence is key to recognition in this unique industry. A digital marketing audit will help identify your most effective marketing activities, along with gaps and opportunities.

People are looking for wineries. Are you being found?

People are online searching and socializing, looking for the next great experience in wine. They are using search engines while on the go, looking at photos, watching videos, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations on social networks. A marketing audit will help determine if your online activities are resonating with consumers to bring them through your doors. 

Why Does My Winery Need a Marketing Audit?

Is your website easily found in search results? Do you have a strong presence on social media?
Do you have online reviews raving about the experience you provide at your winery? Is your story being told and shared?

What You Get With a Crimson Vine Winery Marketing Audit

We begin your audit with a discussion of your goals and a deep review of your winery’s online presence. This allows us to identify gaps and formulate a comprehensive digital strategy that will get people talking about your winery and walking through your doors. A Crimson Vine Winery Marketing Audit includes:

Wine glasses and grapes on a barrel with vineyard backdrop
  • A questionnaire to familiarize us with your winery, brand, and goals.

  • A deep examination of your website, including content and information architecture, ease of use, technical setup, performance on desktop and mobile, search engine optimization, and so on.

  • A review of e-commerce, checkout, and other conversion paths, taking into consideration best practices, performance, and any points of friction for the consumer.

  • A thorough exploration of your social media presence, including your representation on social media networks, the quality and frequency of posts, and engagement with others.

  • An analysis of competitor websites and their social media presence to determine their strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for advancing your market share.

  • A review of your current email marketing strategy and activities, including platform, list management, send frequency, content, and response.

  • An assessment of analytics and tracking to identify critical metrics and online marketing activities that should be tracked.

  • An actionable and achievable recommendation roadmap.

Are you ready to distinguish your winery from the others?

A comprehensive digital audit can help to identify opportunities for marketing activities such as content creation, blog posts, and event promotions. It provides a roadmap for understanding how to best optimize ROI for your digital investments and improve web and other digital performance. A professional marketing audit helps you understand how your winery is performing against other wineries in the state and throughout the country.


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