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Avoid a Lawsuit by Making Your Winery's Website ADA Compliant


ADA lawsuits in the United States exceeded 10 per day in 2021, a 15% increase compared with 2020


Settlements typically range from
$2,000 to $20,000


Online retailers received 74% of web accessibility lawsuits in 2021

Total Web Accessibility Lawsuits by Year 2018-2021









Protect Your Business Against Lawsuits by Making it Accessible to People with Disabilities

The goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to make the world easier to navigate for people with disabilities—and the online world is no different. If you’ve never given thought to how people with hearing, visual, or motor disabilities navigate your site, it’s time to start.

With website-related ADA lawsuits on the rise, it’s never been more important that your winery's website be ADA compliant. It’s a big task that requires constant updates and monitoring—and we can help.

What Does an ADA Compliant Website Do?

If you don’t have a disability, it can be easy to take your website’s user experience for granted. But for people with hearing, visual, or motor disabilities, ADA compliance is a crucial part of helping them get to the content they want or need quickly and easily. For other users, the experience on your website won’t change a bit.

An ADA Compliant Website Will:

  • Integrate smoothly with the most popular accessibility software

  • Structure the coding of the site to create a simpler interface for those who need it

  • Enable users to easily adjust font sizes and screen contrast for easier viewing

  • Reduce animations and other flashy graphics for an improved user experience

  • Enable users to easily navigate the site with keyboard strokes alone

Notebook with The Americans with Disabilities Act written on it

Creating an ADA Compliant Website

Easy Implementation

Once you sign up, we’ll make sure your website is ADA compliant within 2 business days. It’s that simple!

Ongoing Compliance Checks

Our software will crawl your site every 24 hours to ensure any updates or additional content haven’t impacted your site’s accessibility.

A Fantastic User Experience

With ADA compliance, your website will be more accessible and easier to navigate, opening your winery up to a whole new audience.

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