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Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Wineries

People Are Searching for Wineries

Whether they're looking for a casual afternoon out, the best wine available in the region, or a venue for their upcoming wedding, people are out on the web, searching for wineries like yours. Showing up on the first page of search results organically can be extremely challenging when there are dozens of competitors out there trying to do the same thing. When competition is high, that's when it's time to turn to pay-per-click Google Ads. 

people enjoying wine on the patio

For Those Actively Searching PPC Search Advertising for Wineries

Everyone's familiar with Google. After all, it's the place people go when searching for a product, service, or destination. Search ads utilize Google maps, expanded text ads, and your Google My Business profile to serve relevant, meaningful ads to people showing intent by actively searching—providing useful information like your phone number, menus, hours of operation, and reservations links right within the search results. Simply put, you can't find a more intent-based audience than one searching on Google.

four glasses of wine clinking

For Those Who Know Your Brand Smart Remarketing Across the Web

Once a person is familiar with your brand, it's important to stay at the top of their mind. Google remarketing ads enable us to serve beautiful, attention-grabbing ads to people who have visited your website, enticing them back with special promotions, events, or discounts. 

four glasses of wine clinking
man and woman drinking wine on a patio

For Those Who Don't Know What They're Missing Intuitive Demographic & Interest-Based Targeting

Winery-goers don't exist in a vacuum. They have other interests, hobbies, and activities that they spend their time and money on, and we're able to leverage those interests for your benefit. By showing ads to people who are likely to be interested but not actively searching, we're expanding your circle of influence drastically.

Google Ads reporting on a laptop

Google Advertising for Wineries Can Increase Your Business And We Have the Data to Prove It

We don't expect you to sign a contract for Google Advertising and just cross your fingers and hope it works. We understand that every dollar you spend on marketing expects a return on investment, and that's why we provide detailed reporting that explains what's working, what isn't, and what you can take to the bank. 

Google Ads reporting on a laptop

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