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Geofencing Targets
Interested Consumers
Helping You Reach Customers Where They Already Are

Geofencing—the New Internet Marketing Buzzword

There's a lot of talk about geofencing, and for good reason. Geofencing allows internet marketers like us to really pick and choose who we target based on their precise location—think nearby restaurants or wine festivals—so we're serving your ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your wines, products and events. 

Maximize Your Advertising Dollar

Facebook and Google ads are a great complement to organic search engine optimization efforts. Add geofencing with advanced behavioral targeting and you're able to drill into consumer behaviors and target those who are likely to visit your winery, rather than those who are just browsing.

Can You Describe Your Ideal Customer?

Defining your ideal customer is a crucial part of any geofencing strategy. That's why our online marketing process involves delving deep to find out who your customers are, what they're all about, and what they're worth to you.

Competitor Targeting

All's fair in love and wine. With geofencing, you can target your consumers based on characteristics and demographics, such as those visiting your competitors or in town for a special event.

Behavioral Focus

We help you define the behavioral characteristics of your core audience—where they're going, what they're interested in—and develop a creative strategy for targeted advertisements with an impactful message.

Contextual Advertising

One ad does not serve all purposes. Segment your audience based on what they're reading about and searching for online, so you can serve the most relevant ads and get the best return on investment. 


"All I know is I've never sold wine online before and now I'm shipping 3-5 cases a week.
I give all the credit to Crimson Vine Marketing!"
- Brock Lindsay

Succession Wines, Owner/Winemaker

On this map, we've plotted many of Washington's wineries—an example of the expansive reach, yet hyper-local targeting offered by geofencing.

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