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Email Marketing
It's All About Educating, Engaging, and Energizing

Newsletters, Emails and Messaging that Build Your Reputation

After consumers leave your website or winery, it's essential to keep in contact to nurture the relationship and secure repeat business. Newsletters and event or promotional information with targeted messaging provides value to your loyal consumers and the opportunity for them to return to your website or come into your winery. 

By knowing your target audience’s preferences, we’re able to develop and implement an email marketing strategy consisting of compelling content and engaging graphics that builds your winery's reputation and keeps them checking back for the next correspondence.

Wine Lovers Are Waiting to Hear From You

Despite all the recent changes in how businesses communicate with customers, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to build an audience. The effectiveness of email marketing lies in consistency and relevance, style and readability. The bonus for wineries is that your subscribers are anxiously waiting to hear from you! 

Style & Function

A compelling subject line and good design can be the difference between an email that gets clicked and one that ends up in the trash. We create unique, responsive, and professional-looking emails that impress your customers and keep them coming back to your site. 

Customized Content

A great email targets people's interests and keeps them consistently engaged with the brand. We work with you to create a subject line users can't help but click and email content that entertains, educates, and provides value they didn't know they were missing. 

Put it on Autopilot

If you manually sent out every email, you'd never get anything else done. We create emails that are automatically sent to your new customers and current subscribers, allowing you to stay connected and engaged with your customers without lifting a finger. 

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